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ADIR() - plugins.file.getFolderContents

Returns an array with file/directory information. In VFP you have to specify the name of the array and don't have to specify a folder (the current directory is used). In Servoy you don't have to specify the name of the array but must specify the name of the folder. The ADIR() function therefor deviates from the VFP functionality and conforms to the Servoy way of doing it.

There are more differences. In VFP can you use wildcard characters such as * and ?. VFP fills a two-dimensional array with fileinfo. Servoy fills a one-dimensional array with JSFile objects which allow you to retrieve more fileinfo from the objects.


VFP code example

? ADIR(aTest, "c:\temp\")   && fills two-dim.array and returns filecount
? ADIR(aTest, "c:\temp\", "*.prg") && just get the programs
? ADIR(aTest, "c:\temp\", "???_*", "D") && just dirs starting with mask

? aTest(10,1) && filename
? aTest(10,2) && filesize
? aTest(10,3) && date modified
? aTest(10,4) && time modified
? aTest(10,5) && attributes


Servoy code example

var dirArray = plugins.file.getFolderContents("c:\\temp\\");
var dirArray = plugins.file.getFolderContents("c:\\temp\\", ".prg");
var dirArray = plugins.file.getFolderContents("c:\\temp\\", "", 2);

dirArray[1].getName()          // name of the file or directory
dirArray[1].size()             // filesize
dirArray[1].lastModified()     // filesize
dirArray[1].isHidden()         // true if hidden
dirArray[1].getContentType()   // ie application/zip, application/pdf etc.

// alternatively:

globals.ADIR("c:\\temp\\");          // array with jsfile objects
globals.ADIR("c:\\temp\\", ".prg");  // just programs
globals.ADIR("c:\\temp\\", "", 2);   // only directories

Note: ADIR() is a function of the VFP2Servoy Toolkit



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