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ALEN() - array.length

Returns the number of elements in the array. In Visual FoxPro the ALEN function can also return the number of rows or columns in a two-dimensional array.


VFP code example

DIMENSION myArray(2,3)    && create an array of 2 rows and 3 columns
? ALEN(myArray)           && returns 6 (2*3 elements)
? ALEN(myArray,1)         && returns 2 (rows)
? ALEN(myArray,2)         && returns 3 (columns)


Servoy code example

var myArray = new Array(2);        // array with 2 elements
myArray = ['a', 'b']
application.output(myArray[0])     // returns a  ZERO-BASED! 
application.output(myArray[1])     // returns b

application.output(myArray.length) // returns 2 



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