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BETWEEN() - globals.BETWEEN()

Determines whether the value of an expression is inclusively between the values of two expressions of the same type.


VFP code example

? BETWEEN("b", "a", "c")          && Outputs .T.
? BETWEEN("a", "b", "c")          && Outputs .F.
? BETWEEN("a", .NULL., "c")       && Outputs .NULL.
? BETWEEN("3", "1", "5")          && Outputs .T.
? BETWEEN(3, 1, 5)                && Outputs .T.
? BETWEEN(2, 1, 2)                && Outputs .T.


? BETWEEN(d1, d2, d3)             && Outputs .T.


Servoy code example

globals.BETWEEN("b", "a", "c");   // true
globals.BETWEEN("a", "b", "c");   // false
globals.BETWEEN("3", "1", "5");   // true
globals.BETWEEN(3, 1, 5);         // true
globals.BETWEEN(3, null, 5);      // null
globals.BETWEEN(2, 1, 2);         // true

var d1 = new Date(2011,2,1);
var d2 = new Date(2011,1,1);
var d3 = new Date(2011,3,1);
globals.BETWEEN(d1, d2, d3);      // true

Note: BETWEEN() is a function of the VFP2Servoy Toolkit



When you look at the code of the BETWEEN() function in the VFP2Servoy Toolkit you see that there is no easy way to do this in Servoy (or we haven't found it yet) so here using the function instead of the Servoy syntax saves time. 



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