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_CLIPTEXT - application.getClipboardString() | application.setClipboardContent()

Get or set the contents of the Clipboard. If a string parameter is passed, the contents will be placed on the Clipboard. If no parameter is passed the current contents of the Clipboard will be returned. In VFP the Clipboard is accessible through a system variable. Since it is not possible to implent Get/Set on a variable in Servoy a _CLIPTEXT function is the next best thing.


VFP code example

cText = _CLIPTEXT && gets the clipboard contents and puts them in a string
_CLIPTEXT = "Hello" && places a string on the clipboard


Servoy code example

var cText = application.getClipboardString();  // retrieves the clipboard
application.setClipboardContent("Hello");      // sets the clipboard

// alternatively:

var cText = globals._CLIPTEXT();               // retrieves the clipboard
globals._CLIPTEXT("Hello");                    // sets the clipboard

Note: _CLIPTEXT() is a function of the VFP2Servoy Toolkit



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