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CMONTH() - globals.CMONTH()

Returns the name of the month from a given date or DateTime expression.


VFP code example

d = DATE(2072,10,15)
? CMONTH(d)      // October


Servoy code example

utils.stringFormat('%tB', new Array(new Date(2072,9,15)))

// OR using the CMONTH() function alternative:

var d = new Date(2072,9,15)              // MONTH 9 = OCTOBER  !!
application.output(globals.CMONTH(d))      // October/oktober

Note: CMONTH() is a function of the VFP2Servoy Toolkit



This function actually works better than it does in Visual FoxPro because it returns the day of week in the current Locale whereas VFP returns it in English only. The only pain is in the fact that the Date() function in Servoy/JavaScript has the crazy logic that the first month (January) is 0 and the first day is 1?! Better add a DATE() function as well.

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