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How to add a combobox to a form

So far we've added controls that are relatively simple to use. How about the combobox? The combobox can be a bit of a pain in VFP (BoundTo, BoundColumn, ColumnCount, ColumnWidths, ControlSource, DisplayCount, DisplayValue, FirstElement, RowSource, RowSourceType etc.). Adding it to a gridcolumn can also be troublesome. None of this in Servoy. Just plain and simple, the way we like it!


The combox is a valuelist control. If you have not yet read about the valuelist then do so first because you need one as a datasource.


The beauty off the valuelist is that it doesn't matter if at first you decide you want to hardcode some custom values in a valuelist and bind it to your combobox but later decide to put them in a table. All you have to do is change the valuelist! All controls that use the valuelist remain unchanged!


To add a working combox to your form do the following:


  • Create a valuelist as described in the corresponding walkthroughs
  • Click the textbox icon on the toolbar or add a field from a table to a form


select a dataprovider


In the screenshot above the countryfield is selected as the dataprovider, in VFP this would be the BoundColumn. After pressing Ok a textbox control is added. But that's not what we want!? Don't worry:


  • Change the displayType property of the textbox and set it to COMBO
  • Set the horizontalAlignment property to LEFT
  • Select the valuelist property and doubleclick it
  • From the dialog select the valuelist you created earlier


select the valuelist


Did you notice that when you changed the displayType, the textbox turned into a combobox but a white one and not a grey one? Once you selected the valuelist however it was colored in. This is a visual hint to help you not forget to select the valuelist.


the result




Once you grasp the concept of the valuelist and applied it several times you start to realize what a monstrous timesaver this is going to be. And all of this without any code whatsoever! (from your part anyway)



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