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How to add a portal (vfp: grid) to a form

You can add a grid to a form in Servoy in at least two ways:


  1. by adding a portal
  2. by adding a tabpanel with a listview form in it


This walkthrough will demonstrate the use of the portal which closely resembles the way we would use a grid for child data in VFP. If you have not yet done so first read the How to create a relation walkthrough because you will need one here.


  • Create a form based on the Customers table as you have learned (in RecordView)
  • Create a relation between Customers and Orders
  • Press the Portal button on the toolbar




  • Expand the relation customers_to_orders as a datasource for the portal
  • Select several columns (Servoy: data providers)
  • Press Ok
  • Position and resize the portal as desired





Not only did we add a grid to our form very easily but when you run the form you will notice that by using the customers_to_orders relation the data in the portal is automatically filtered to show only the records that correspond to the parent record. Still no code needed!



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