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How to add a tabpanel to a form

Probably when you pressed the tabpanel button on the toolbar the first time you expected to add a pageframe control just as you would in VFP. However there is a big difference. In VFP you would add controls to empty pageframe pages but in Servoy you specify which forms you want to use in the tabpanel.


So in this walkthrough we will add a Listview form (grid-style) to an existing form by use of the tabpanel:


  • Create a Listview form as in this walkthrough
  • Press the tabpanel icon on the toolbar
  • From the dialog select the form you created in step 1 and press 'Ok'


Note: when selecting a form to use in the tabpanel, you can select related or unrelated forms. If you select an unrelated form all records will be shown, if you select a related form then only the child records are shown that are related to the parent record of the form to which the tabpanel was added.



When you look at the Select tabpanel form dialog, you'll notice that the forms are grouped by the table they are based on.




  • Position the tabpanel on your form as desired
  • Run the form


Smart Client


Web Client




In this particular example we added a Listview form but we could also have added a detailform with edit controls for one record.



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