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How to add a textbox control to a form

When you add fields from a table to a form it turns them all into textbox controls by default. Of course this is the control that is used the most in many data-entry solutions. In the walkthrough Create a data-entry form (field style) we added some fields from a tabel to a form and just as we would expect they are added as databound controls to the form.


So you've seen how to add fields to a form when creating it. What if you decide to add an extra field to your database and want to add it to the rest of the fields which are already on your form? Take these steps:




  • Click on the textbox icon on the toolbar
  • Select a field from the data provider dialog
  • Press the Ok button


In VFP we can add a textbox and bind it to a variable. In Servoy this is also the case. In Servoy you can define a variable as a form variable (we would call this a form property) or as a global variable. To add a form variable and bind a textbox to it do the following:


  • Expand your form node in the solution explorer
  • Right-click the variables node
  • From the popup-menu select Create variable




  • Give your form variable a name in the dialog that appears
  • Select a fieldtype (TEXT, INTEGER, NUMBER, DATETIME, MEDIA)
  • Press Ok


The form variable is added to a file with the name of your followed by ".js":



  • Click the textbox icon on the toolbar
  • In the data provider dialog expand the form variables node
  • Select the form variable you just created
  • Press Ok







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