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How to add controls to a form

In the previous example on creating a field style (Record View) data-entry form we've added some fields to the form which were added as textboxes. How about other user controls such as a checkbox or a radiobutton?


When you look at the control toolbar in Servoy this is what you see:



Now I can hear you think: "What? That's all? Where's the combo's, checkboxes, radiobuttons, listboxes, editcontrols, OLE containers etc.?" Don't worry, it's a little different that's all. And, as usual, there are some advantages too. To make reference of specific controls extra easy I described how to add them in seperate files. Please go the next sample to start checking them out.


An important difference between controls in Servoy and controls in Visual FoxPro is that you can change the controltype without having to delete and re-add them to the form. This is done by changing the displayType property. As a matter of fact you can't add a checkbox or a editbox to your form. You have to add a field which by default is added as a textbox and then by changing the displayType property you can change the controlType. The available types are:






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