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Dimension - new Array()

Creates an array of variables.


VFP code example

Array with two elements

DIMENSION myArray(2)
myArray(1) = "a"
myArray(2) = "b"

Two dimensional array (2 rows, three columns)

DIMENSION myArray(2,3)
myArray(1,1) = "a"
myArray(1,2) = .T.
myArray(1,3) = "c"
myArray(2,1) = 18
myArray(2,2) = "hello"
myArray(2,3) = DATE()

Object array

FOR x = 1 TO 5
   MyArray[x] = CREATEOBJECT("CommandButton")



WATCH OUT! Arrays are zero-based in Servoy! See the samples.



Servoy code example

Empty array

var myArray = new Array();


Short array declaration for two elements

var myArray = ['a', 'b'];

Array with a specified number of elements

var myArray = new Array(2);
myArray[0] = 'a';  //normal braces () don't work!
myArray[1] = 'b';  //elements are zero-based

Shorter version of the same array

var myArray = new Array('a', 'b');

Two-dimensional array

Sorry, no can do (or I didn't find out how)


Named array elements

var myCustomer = new Array();
myCustomer['firstname'] = "John";
myCustomer['lastname'] = "Smith";



I can live with these changes. Pitty: no multi-dimensional arrays. Cool: named array elements.



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