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DIRECTORY() - plugins.File

Determines if the specified directory exists. Also the nFlags parameter can be used to differentiate in behaviour between normal directories and hidden directories.


VFP code example

? DIRECTORY("c:\temp\")   && .T. if the directory exists and is not hidden
? DIRECTORY("c:\temp\",0) && .T. if the directory exists and is not hidden
? DIRECTORY("c:\temp\",1) && .F. if the directory exists and is hidden


Servoy code example

var fs = plugins.file.convertToJSFile("c:\\temp\\");
// true if file exists
// true if file is hidden

// alternatively:

globals.DIRECTORY("c:\\temp\\");    // true if exists and not hidden
globals.DIRECTORY("c:\\temp\\",0);  // true if exists and not hidden
globals.DIRECTORY("c:\\temp\\",1);  // false if exists and is hidden

Note: DIRECTORY() is a function of the VFP2Servoy Toolkit



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