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DO FORM - application.createNewFormInstance()

Create a new form instance. STOP! Before you run off to start initializing forms you should know that you usually don't have to create a new form instance. By default all forms are initialized and available through the Windows menu when the application is started.

So how do we activate a form then if it is allready initialized? Use application.ShowForm() instead. See the code below for an example.


VFP code example

 DO FORM frmTest


Servoy code example

// activate a form that has been initialized at application startup
// which is the default behaviour for all forms


// If you want to instantiate an extra instance of a form then use
// application.createNewFormInstance()

application.createNewFormInstance("frmTest", "ofrmTest2");

// How about a modal dialog popup style form? Also check out the other
// JSWindow types

var win = application.createWindow("frmCustomers", JSWindow.MODAL_DIALOG);"frmCustomers");
// And in the dialog close the form with the code or use the close box

Note: DO_FORM() is a function of the VFP2Servoy Toolkit but using Native Servoy code as above is recommended.



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