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DTOC() - globals.DTOC()

Returns a date-string from a Date expression. DTOC is short for Date-To-Character.


VFP code example

? DTOC(DATE())     // "4/15/2011" or "15-4-2011" depending on locale
? DTOC(DATE(),1)   // "20110415"  suitable for indexing

INDEX ON DTOC(dInvDate, 1) TAG dateIndex


Servoy code example

// March 4, 2011 / vrijdag 4 maart 2011 (depending on locale)
var d = new Date();

globals.DTOC(new Date())    // "4/15/2011" or "15-4-2011" (localized)
globals.DTOC(new Date(),1)  // "20110415"  suitable for indexing

Note: DTOC() is a function of the VFP2Servoy Toolkit



If you need a date-string in the users locale you can use d.toLocaleDateString but if you are converting a Visual FoxPro application to Servoy and want to show the user the same date format he is used to then use the globals.DTOC() function.


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