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EVALUATE() - eval()

Evaluates a character expression and returns the result.

Note! Be careful eval() might produce unexpected results! Also, combined with user input, eval() potentially forms a security risk. When evaluating variables inside a function they might be out of scope. Servoy says: eval()==evil. Use with caution.


VFP code example

cText = "ABS(-3.45)" 
nResult = EVALUATE(cText)
? nResult                    && returns 3.45


Servoy code example

var cText = "Math.abs(-3.45)";
var nResult = eval(cText);
application.output(nResult);         // returns 3.45

// alternatively:

globals.EVALUATE("Math.abs(-3.45)"); // returns 3.45

Note: EVALUATE() is a function of the VFP2Servoy Toolkit



In VFP EVALUATE() works just fine although it may form a security risk if it is combined with user input (i.e: EVALUATE("DELETE ALL")).

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