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Hello World

As a tradition the first thing most developers want to try in a new development environment is the classic "Hello World" program which usually consists of only one or two lines of code.


VFP code example

Messagebox("Hello World!",64)


Servoy code example

plugins.dialogs.showInfoDialog("Servoy", "Hello World!")



Whereas Visual FoxPro makes use of the Messagebox function Servoy makes use of the dialogs plugin. Note that this only works in the Smart Client and not in the Web Client. There are plugins available however which work in both environments.


As you can see the code example in VFP requires less code but you have to specify which icon to use by adding a number. In Servoy a Info dialog has an info icon, a Question dialog has a questionmark icon etc.


Also adding buttons and responding to button actions in the dialog is easier in Servoy but I'll show you about that in a later sample.

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