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ISLOWER() - globals.ISLOWER()

Determines whether the leftmost character of the specified character expression is a lowercase alphabetic character.


VFP code example

? ISLOWER('Abc')          && returns .F.
? ISLOWER('abc')          && returns .T.
? ISLOWER('9ab')          && returns .F.
? ISLOWER('éb89')         && returns .T.
? ISLOWER('_bcdef')       && returns .F.


Servoy code example

cString = "ábc";
cString.charAt(0).match(/[^W0-9_]/)!=null &&
    cFirstCharacter == cFirstCharacter.toLowerCase(); // returns true

// alternatively

globals.ISLOWER("Abc");      // Returns false
globals.ISLOWER("abc");      // Returns true
globals.ISLOWER("9ab");      // Returns false
globals.ISLOWER("éb89");     // Returns true
globals.ISLOWER("_bcdef");   // Returns false

Note: ISLOWER() is a function of the VFP2Servoy Toolkit



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