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How to create a new project/solution

I assume you have already downloaded and installed the Servoy Community Edition. If not check out the Servoy Quick-Start Guide on downloading and installing Servoy.


Visual Foxpro:


Using code:





Using the IDE:

  • 1. From the menu select File - Open (or press Ctrl+O)
  • 2. Select a project file (.pjx extension) by locating the folder it is in and click it
  • 3. Press the Ok button


VFP Open File dialog


VFP Project Manager







  • 1. In the Solution expand the folder All solutions
  • 2. Right-click the solution you want to activate
  • 3. From the popup-menu select the option Activate Solution


Servoy Solution Popup


Servoy Solution Explorer



Note: In Servoy it is also possible to open a solution as a module (sub-solution) of another solution. To do so right-click the solution and choose Add as a module from the popup-menu.




In Visual FoxPro you open and close project manager windows and in Servoy you activate the solution you want to work on. Activating a solution automatically closes the previous solution in Servoy.

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