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PUTFILE() - plugins.file.showFileSaveDialog()

Invokes the Save As dialog box and returns a JSFile object of the saved file.
Note: The PUTFILE() function returns a JSFile object from which you can retrieve all the file properties and methods. This is more powerful than just returning a string with the foldername and path.


VFP code example

cFileName = PUTFILE("File:", "test.txt", ".txt") && invoke save as dialog


Servoy code example

// returns JSFile (see plugins.file.JSFile for list of props & functions)
var cFile = plugins.file.showFileSaveDialog("test.txt", "Save file");
cFile.getPath();     // c:\temp\test.txt
// alternatively:

// returns JSFile
var cFile = globals.PUTFILE("test.txt", "Save file");
cFile.getPath();     // c:\temp\test.txt

Note: PUTFILE() is a function of the VFP2Servoy Toolkit



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