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RENAME - plugins.file.moveFile()

In VFP you can use the RENAME command to rename files within the same directory or move files to another directory.
Use the MOVEFILE() function to rename and move a file to another folder and the RENAME() function to just rename a file in the same folder.

NOTE: You cannot specify a file path in Servoy with single backslashes in it. The backslash is used to specify special characters (\t=tab for instance). You will have to remember to always use TWO backslashes instead of one to specify a single backslash (c:\\temp\\ instead of c:\temp\). We can't solve this in the function because "c:\temp" will arive in the parameter as "c: temp" (with a tab in it).

You cannot use wildcard characters in filenames in Servoy.


VFP code example

RENAME c:\temp\test.xml TO c:\temp\test.bak   && moves the file


Servoy code example


// alternatively:

globals.RENAME("c:\\temp\\test.xml", "c:\\temp\\test.bak"); 

Note: RENAME() is a function of the VFP2Servoy Toolkit



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