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How to retrieve the demo solutions from the Servoy repository

After installing Servoy the sample data has been installed as well as the demo solutions but the latter must be checked out once from the Servoy repository (Servoy meta-data database).


When starting Servoy for the first time the following screen appears:



Welcome screen



If you want to open this screen again click on the Help menu and select the Welcome option. In the Welcome screen click on the Checkout Solutions link which will open the Servoy development environment.


Locate the Solution Explorer Window and right-click the folder All Solutions.

From the popup-menu select the option Checkout from Servoy repository.


Popup-menu Solution Explorer




Servoy Repository



Just accept the defaults and press Next. The following screen will appear:



Demo Solutions



Expand the solution node you want to checkout and select the HEAD folder (the most recent version). Press the Finish button. The demo solution will be added to the Solutions folder. Repeat this action for all samples.


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