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ROUND() - Math.round()

Although both Servoy and Javascript have a round function they are not the same. The Math.round() function only rounds a number to an integer whereas Servoys utils.numberFormat() returns a numeric expression rounded to a specified number of decimal places, however it returns a localized string! The ROUND() function in the VFP2Servoy Toolkit was designed to mimic the ROUND() functionality as it has been implemented in VFP.


VFP code example

ROUND(23.463873,0)            && Returns 23
ROUND(23.463873,1)            && Returns 23.5
ROUND(23.463873,2)            && Returns 23.46
ROUND(23.463873,3)            && Returns 23.464
ROUND(23.463873,4)            && Returns 23.4639
ROUND(23.463873,5)            && Returns 23.46387


Servoy code example

Math.Round(23.463873, 2);       // returns 23.46 as a string!
utils.numberFormat(23.463873, 2);       // returns 23.46 as a string!
globals.ROUND(23.463873,0);  // returns 23.0
globals.ROUND(23.463873,1);  // returns 23.5
globals.ROUND(23.463873,2);  // returns 23.46
globals.ROUND(23.463873,3);  // returns 23.464
globals.ROUND(23.463873,4);  // returns 23.4639
globals.ROUND(23.463873,5);  // returns 23.46387

Note: ROUND() is a function of the VFP2Servoy Toolkit



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