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SCAN...ENDSCAN() - while()

Moves the record pointer through the currently selected table and executes a block of commands for each record that meets the specified conditions. This is where a lot of VFP programmers will have a hard time to let go of what they are used to: opening and selecting tables and modifying data very easily. As you may now know, Servoy has a one-table-per-form concept so approaching data is somewhat different. For large data manipulation operations you may want to send an update command directly to the database.


VFP code example

USE customers


   REPLACE city WITH UPPER(city)


Servoy code example

var i = 1;
var _rec;
while (i <= foundset.getSize()) {     // don't do this for > 1000 rows
   _rec = foundset.getRecord(i); =;
   i = i + 1;



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