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SYS(3) - plugins.file.createTempFile()

Returns a legal file name that can be used to create temporary files. Servoys implementation is much more elegant than VFP's SYS(3) function. Keep in mind that VFP only generates a number that can be used as a temporary filename and that you have to add prefix and postfix such as temp_ and .tmp yourself. With the createTempFile function you can specify these as parameters and the users tempfile path is added as well.


VFP code example

? SYS(3)         && Generates a legal file name to create a temporary file


Servoy code example

plugins.file.createTempFile("temp_", ".txt"); // generate tempfile name 
// i.e.: C:\Users\MULTIT~1\AppData\Local\Temp\temp_2549553530386536937.txt

// alternatively:


Note: SYS() is a function of the VFP2Servoy Toolkit



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