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How to create and use a global table for all valuelist items

In the previous walkthrough we created and applied a valuelist from a table. Now we could create many tables to support all valuelist needs but there is a smarter way.


If you would want to setup a global table for all valuelist items and filter on the valuelist in specific controls then that's pretty easy too.


This walkthrough is basically the same as the Table-based valuelist with a few exceptions. Instead of creating a countries table you would want to create a table such as global_valuelist with the following fields:



Pay special attention to the field valuelist_name! It is very important to use exactly the same fieldname because this is what you will be filtering on.


  • Create a maintenance form as we did in the previous sample
  • Run the form and add some test data



  • Select the countries valuelist we created earlier
  • Doubleclick it
  • Change the Table Values item from test.countries to test.global_valuelist
  • Check the Apply valuelist name as filter on column 'valuelist_name' checkbox
  • Change the column settings accordingly to the screenshot below
  • Change the sorting as desired to the code field or the description field



IMPORTANT! Note that the name of the valuelist (countries) is case-sensitive when applied as a filter. So if your table contains the valuelist_name 'countries' the name of your valuelist should also be 'countries' and not 'Countries'.



Next we want to add a combobox to our form that use the valuelist:


  • From the toolbar click the textbox button
  • Select the country field from the customer table and press Ok



  • Select the country textbox control in your form
  • Change the displayType property to COMBOBOX
  • Fill the valuelist property with the countries valuelist you just made
  • Set the horizontalAlignment property to LEFT
  • Run the form





As you can see we now have both the gender and countries valuelist definitions stored in the global_valuelist table. Adding all of our valuelist definitions here will save huge amounts of time!



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