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Servoy for Visual FoxPro Developers

by Omar van Galen, ISV and founder of Intrasoft Solution Center


Although Visual FoxPro has been discontinued by Microsoft there are still many, many developers of the original estimated 500.000 who keep their applications running and possibly are still creating new applications in their favorite programming environment.


Nevertheless time is ticking and eventually we will want to embrace new technologies or we will slowly turn into a breed of Cobol-like dinosaurs (with all respect of course).


Many have looked at Visual Studio.Net and appreciate the wealth of the .Net framework despite its steep learning curve, but simply can't reach the same level of productivity that they are used to.


After receiving mails of Servoy that announced a seminar for Visual FoxPro with Ken Levy as the speaker I got curious and reluctantly decided to see what this was all about. Ken says: "For me this was the first product since the introduction of Visual FoxPro 3.0 that caused the same level of excitement..."



As Visual FoxPro developers are discovering the potential of Servoy, Servoy is discovering the potential of the Visual FoxPro community and has added this banner to their site.


So what to think of a programming platform that offers cross-platform compatibility and browser independence? Running a smart windows client with full access to local resources or a web client on an iPad or on an Android phone - with only one code base! Develop on your windows laptop, your Mac or a Linux computer using the same project? Update an application without a need for the users to logout? Rapid Application Developement so easy and fast that building an application makes you think of the goold old days...


With this site I hope to offer the VFP community a bright new perspective on future developement for Visual FoxPro developers and encourage you to check out, a page by Ken Levy, former productmanager of Visual FoxPro at Microsoft. Just take some time to watch some of the videos, tutorials or webinars so you understand the power and potential of the Servoy application platform. 


The banner above this site, which Servoy allowed me to use (thanks Servoy), is meant as a teaser because Visual FoxPro Developers have allways been proud of Foxpro's sheer speed and, as you can see, Servoy is too. Needless to say however that I am still independent and objective and that this site is not related to Servoy in any way.


This site will gradually be filled with content to get you up to steam! Enjoy!

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